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investigations gomulkiewicz research

I study theoretical population biology, population genetics, and evolutionary biology using mathematics. My research aim is to develop rigorous conceptual understanding of how complex evolutionary and demographic processes affect populations, species, and ecological communities. My investigations focus on how evolutionary and ecological mechanisms interact to determine the responses of organisms to each other and their environments including…

  • the population-level and evolutionary responses of species facing novel or altered environments (“Evo Demo”).
  • coevolution in geographically structured populations and in multi-species communities (“Co-Evo Demo”).
  • the evolution of environmentally sensitive phenotypes, a.k.a. phenotypic plasticity.
  • the evolution of sexually selected traits and mating preferences.
  • the evolution of “function-valued” traits.

I am also interested in applied biology, especially the development and interpretation of statistical tools based on molecular genetic data for assessing population characteristics of practical importance.

major and minor gene effects
Impacts of major & minor genes on the evolution of a declining population’s finite growth rate