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investigations: evolutionary processes gomulkiewicz research

Selected publications in this research area

  • Gomulkiewicz, R., and A.M. Hastings, 1990. Ploidy and evolution by sexual selection: A comparison of haploid and diploid female choice models near fixation equilibria. Evolution 44 (4):757-770.
  • Gomulkiewicz, R., 1991. Limited female choice and the evolution of secondary sexual characters. The American Naturalist 138(6):1396-1407.
  • Whitlock, M.C., and R. Gomulkiewicz. 2005. Probability of fixation in a heterogeneous environment. Genetics 171:1407-1417.
  • Griswold, C. K., B. Logsdon, and R. Gomulkiewicz. 2007. Neutral Evolution of Multiple Quantitative Characters: A Genealogical Approach. Genetics 176:455-466.