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The Younger Us Studying Water Resource Systems

Post-docs and Students


Yao Huang

Yao joined the group in 2015 and is investigating the influence of scaling on multi-scale hydrologic processes. Her research uses the integrated model ParFlow to simulate flow and land surface processes at high-resolution and then compares those simulations to sequentially coarse simulations. The long-term goal is to determine how to most efficiently use the results of detailed simulations to inform larger-scale models without introducing averaging errors into the results.

Benjamin Kuffour

Ben joined the group in Fall 2016 and is investigating the sensitivity of simulated residence time distributions to a model’s discretization and its underlying conceptual model. The lessons learned from this work will help design and test scenarios for implementing large-scale aquifer rehabilitation using managed recharge in the across the Inland Northwest.

Tyler Fouty

Tyler joined the group in 2017 and started by investigating the stability of simulated streambeds in highway culverts. A large number of culverts in Washington are barriers to fish passage and as they are replaced it is essential to maximize their lifespan while providing the most natural habitat possible for the fish. Since completing that work for his M.S., he has elected to stay on and as of Fall 2020 is pursuing a PhD looking at the mobility of microplastics in streams, soils, and aquifers.