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Jacoby Laboratory Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education

What We Care About…

Overall goal: Achieve comprehensive understanding of subsurface micro-irrigation impacts on grapevine growth and wine quality by determining minimal amounts of water required to achieve acceptable fruit quality. Growers will be directly engaged with this project through planned program activities to translate research-based findings to provide efficient and sustainable irrigation methods for vineyard managers to utilize during periods of limited water availability.


  1. Evaluate efficiency of our subsurface micro-irrigation strategy on water conservation
  2. Measure the impact of our new subsurface micro-irrigation strategy on grapevine growth and fruit quality
  3. Educate vineyard producers and engage community members on irrigation water conservation and wine grape quality improvement

Measurable Milestones:

  • Determine water use efficiency under various application strategies of subsurface micro-irrigation
  • Analyze fruit quality under different water delivery amounts and irrigation depths
  • Contrast grapevine growth under subsurface micro-irrigation versus surface drip irrigation
  • Develop and deliver educational materials for vineyard producers
  • Attract 100 producers to participate in extension workshops and assess learning outcomes.

Future Orientations: This two-year project could become a longer-term project based on grower demand.  Additionally, educational activities and publications will interest more grape producers in water conservation and sustainable agriculture. Future funding might be achieved through conference fees or commodity funded grants.