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Prof. Tom Jobson Atmospheric Chemistry Lab


My group is interested in air pollution chemistry.  We make measurements of atmospheric gases and particulate matter to better understand the sources of air pollutants and their chemical transformation in the atmosphere.  We do this to better understand impacts on human health and identify ways to reduce our exposure to air pollutants.  Air pollution is the leading cause of death in the world from non-communicable diseases principally due to its impact on cardio-vascular function.

I’m interested in both indoor and outdoor air pollution.  Much of my research has been centered on urban air pollution field studies and the measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that react photochemically to produce ozone and particulate matter – criteria air pollutants that are regulated by the US EPA but are difficult to control.  More recently we have been investigating indoor levels of air pollution in homes and how indoor air temperature and ventilation impact concentrations of pollutants such as VOCs from building material outgassing.

I’m interested in better understanding how the built environment impacts our exposure to airborne chemicals and finding ways to make urbans areas more healthy for people and the planet.