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Clarke Lab Members


Baron Bechtold, JD, PhD student (LinkedIn)

M. Ridge Call, BS, former SURF student and Research Intern, current PhD Student

Kenisha Garcia-Torres, BS, PharmD Honors student (LinkedIn)

Katherine Lynch, BS, Scientific Assistant (LinkedIn)

Victoria Oyanna, PharmD, PhD Student (LinkedIn)



BreAnne (Breezy) Stewart, SURF student

Dayne Iverson, BS, Research Intern (LinkedIn)

Tarana Arman, MS, PhD Student (LinkedIn)

J. Allen Baron, PhD, Postdoc (LinkedIn)

Johnny Aldan, BS, Research Intern (LinkedIn)

Chris Bran, PharmD student, Summer Research Fellow

Monica Sines, PharmD student (LinkedIn)

Michelle Gastecki, MS, Associate in Research (LinkedIn)

Kristen Campbell, SURF student (LinkedIn)

Tyler Hogan, PharmD student (LinkedIn)

Yusheng “Sunny” Wu, SURF student