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John Clarke Lab News

2021 CPPS Research Day

Kenisha and Ridge did a great job presenting their work in the SRF and SURF programs, respectively, at the 2021 CPPS Research day!

Tarana defended her PhD!

Tarana Arman successfully defender her PhD on July 13th, 2021! Congrats to Dr. Arman! She is off to bigger and better things now.


Lab celebration! Finally…

Congratulations to Baron and Victoria for passing their prelim exams during COVID! Congratulations to Katherine for her first lead-author publication! We had to hold the celebration via Zoom, but everyone got free food and we had a fun Pictionary challenge. Can you guess what the pictures are?

2019 CPPS Research Day award winners

Congratulations to Chris Bran for taking 2nd place in the CPPS Research Day poster competition for SRF students and Tarana Arman for taking 2nd place in the graduate student poster competition!