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New Research Lab Statistical Ecology


Dr Leslie New

Asst. Professor of Statistics

Arts and Sciences
Phone: (360) 546-9309
Fax: (360) 546-9064
Located in VUB 341
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Curriculum Vitae


My research interests focus of the use of hierarchical Bayesian state-space models to study species interactions with the environment, other species and con-specifics. State-space models are particularly advantageous for ecological modelling, since they enable the direct inclusion of uncertainty associated with data collection and natural stochasticity. I am interested in using state-space, and other relevant statistical models, to investigate how changes in individual behavior due to disturbance, either anthropogenic or natural, can affect population dynamics. This can improve our understanding of species’ response to management and conservation initiative under various social, economic and environmental systems, as well as the sustainability of human activities. My current research is focused on estimating the impact of wind facilities on eagles in the United States and the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas in reducing the impacts of anthropogenic noise on cetaceans in the North Atlantic Ocean.