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New Research Lab Statistical Ecology

Dr Leslie New

Dr New is the head of the lab, and focuses her research on the application of statistics to ecological problems.


Lisa Harrison

Ms. Harrison is a PhD student in Dr New’s lab, although she is based at Macquarie University in Australia under the primary supervision of Prof Robert Harcourt. She is using quantitative models to assess the distribution of marine wildlife in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Leland Bennion

Mr. Bennion is a Master’s student in Dr New’s lab and is co-advised with Dr. Cheryl Shultz. His research will focus on plant community dynamics and their responses to the application of targeted herbicides.

Dr Enrico Pirotta

Dr Pirotta is a postdoc in Dr New’s lab. His research is focused in the population consequences of disturbance, and he is using stochastic dynamic programming to model the movement and demographics of blue whales.

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