Washington State University provides undergraduate students with diverse opportunities to engage in structured and unstructured research activities. One such opportunity, tailored for students within the College of Education and the Department of Kinesiology and Educational Psychology, is the UREKA Fellowship.

Specifically designed for advanced undergraduates in these fields, the UREKA Fellowship serves as a pathway for those interested in research, equipping them with essential experience to pursue further education confidently. Through UREKA, participants gain invaluable research skills and insights, establishing a robust foundation for their academic and professional pursuits.

Goals and Objectives

  • Expose undergraduates to research in an engaging and accessible manner
  • Prepare students for graduate school
  • Recruit students for our graduate programs
  • Increase inclusion of underrepresented students
  • Provide structured resources to faculty to expand their research programs and contribute to their professional development
  • Grow the research capacity of the department
  • Encourage collaboration among faculty and students
Mahek Bhandal and Chad Gotch
Mahek Bhandal and Chad Gotch