People of UREKA


UREKA Fellows are a group of ambitious undergraduate students who engage in enriching research experiences. Collaborating closely with faculty in the Kinesiology and Educational Psychology department, they gain valuable insights and skills. Through this partnership, UREKA Fellows nurture their passion for exploration and discovery. Immersed in cutting-edge projects, they make meaningful contributions to advancing knowledge in their respective fields. UREKA fosters a dynamic environment where undergraduate scholars thrive, bridging theory with hands-on research under the mentorship of dedicated faculty members.

Faculty Mentors

UREKA Faculty Affiliates are dedicated research faculty members who enthusiastically mentor undergraduate students, providing them with valuable hands-on research experiences. Their commitment aims to enhance students’ understanding and proficiency in their respective fields. By offering guidance and fostering active engagement, these faculty members play a crucial role in nurturing the next generation of scholars.

Faculty Committee

The UREKA Faculty Committee consists of three esteemed faculty members from the Kinesiology and Educational Psychology department. Their invaluable guidance supports UREKA fellows throughout their research endeavors. These dedicated faculty members review UREKA applications and oversee the coordination of all UREKA activities, ensuring an enriching experience for participants. Through their expertise and unwavering commitment, the UREKA Faculty Committee members play a pivotal role in nurturing the research potential of undergraduate students.