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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Modeling, Motion, and Medical Robotics Laboratory (M3 Robotics Lab)

Mahdieh Babaiasl

Mahdieh Babaiasl
GraduateĀ Researcher



Mahdieh Babaiasl is from Tabriz, Iran. She received her BS degree in Electrical Engineering with the focus on Control Engineering and MS degree in Mechatronics Engineering both from University of Tabriz, Iran and is now pursuing her PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Washington State University.

Mahdieh has more than 8 years of experience in both Research and practical aspects of her area of specialty. She has worked on various projects including Robotics, Mechatronics, Instrumentation and Control in University of Tabriz, and Pargar Danesh Gostar Co. She is also a capable technical translator and can speak 4 languages. She serves as a reviewer for several prestigious journals, and volunteers for Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and IEEE .

At University of Tabriz, Mahdieh was involved in a team research on designing and fabricating a surgical robot. She helped with the mechanical design and also designed and fabricated the circuit necessary to drive 8 DC motors that actuate the robot. She then designed and fabricated a six-legged ant robot that could walk autonomously and mimicked the locomotion of an ant. For her master’s thesis, she worked on designing and controlling an exoskeleton robot for use in upper-limb rehabilitation. She chose to work in the stroke rehabilitation using robots because she was very interested in helping others and wanted to do this through engineering.


Mahdieh’s research is currently on Steerable Needles.


Steerable needles, robot-aided rehabilitation, wearable robots, medical robotics, robot control