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Cranberry Juice Study! Recruiting Postmenopausal Women

cranberry placebo juices

Cranberry Juice & Microbiome Study

The Nutrition & Gut Microbiome Lab in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology in Spokane and School of Food Science in Pullman is undertaking an exciting research on the investigation of the effects of cranberry juice on UTIs, the gut microbiome, and their metabolites. Participants will only be asked to drink Cranberry/Placebo juice and provide urine and stool samples as well as vaginal swabs.

If interested, please see the flyer/image below for more details or email

Dietary Study Design (45 days total):

* Dietary beverage is randomized (three-digit code), double-blinded, and placebo-controlled/experimental cranberry juice. Experimental cranberry juice is not heavily sweetened.

WSU HRPP/IRB Participant Information: IRB #19957

WSU Human Research Protection Program contact:


Please complete our online survey for participation or copy/paste the following link into your browser for the online survey:

Thank you!