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Nicole Campbell Project Site Usability and accessibility

Usability presentations

Presentations I have given related to usability and accessibility:

Walbridge, Sharon and Nicole Campbell. “Web Site Usability Testing: Assuring a Quality Experience“. Washington State University IT Forum, March 14, 2005, Pullman, WA.  PDF: itforumspr05

Campbell, Nicole, Janet Chisman, Karen Diller and Sharon Walbridge “Designing for the User: How to Test for Usability.” ACRL X: Crossing the Divide, March 2001, Denver, CO.

Campbell, Nicole.  “Put it to the Test: Usability Testing of Library Web Sites.” Presented at LITA Forum 2000, November 2000, Portland, OR. PDF:   litaforum2000,  litaforum2000-handout

Chisman, Janet, Karen R. Diller and Nicole Campbell.  “Learning from Our Users: Usability Testing of WebPacs & Web Sites.” Presented at Internet Librarian International 2000, March 2000, London, UK.  PDF: london2000

Diller, Karen R. and Nicole Campbell: “Usability Testing: How Effective is your Library’s Web Site.” Presented at Online Northwest, February 2000, Portland, OR.  PDF:   onlinenw2000,  onlinenw2000-summary

Diller, Karen R. and Nicole Campbell: “Usability Testing: How to Analyze Your Web Pacs and Web Sites.” Presented at the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) Fall 1999 Taskforce Meeting, December 1999, Phoenix, AZ.  PDF: cni1999

Diller, Karen R. and Nicole Campbell: “Effective Library Web Sites: How to Ask Your Users What Will Work for Them.” Presented at Integrated Online Library Systems ’99 (IOLS), May 1999, New York, NY.  PDF:  iols1999