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College of Education

Psychometric Lab

To add knowledge to the education field, Lab researchers actively publish our work in a variety of venues. Below is a sample of our recent publications. For information about any of our publications, please contact one of our faculty researchers.

Selected Recent Publications
  • Finch, W.H. & French, B.F. (2015). Latent Variable Modeling with R. New York: Taylor & Francis.
  • Finch, W. H., French, B. F., & Immekus, J. C. (2014). Applied psychometrics using SAS. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
  • Ward, L., French, B. F., Barbosa-Leiker, C., & Iverson, A. E. (in press). Application of exploratory factor analysis and item response theory to validate the genomic nursing concept inventory. Journal of Nursing Education.
  • Cox, A., Ullrich-French, S. C., & French, B. F. (in press). Validity Evidence for the State Mindfulness Scale for Physical Activity. Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science.
  • French, B. F., Finch, W. F., Randel, B. Hand, B., & Gotch, C. M. (in press). Measurement invariance techniques to enhance measurement sensitivity. International Journal of Quantitative Research in Education.
  • Valdivia Vazquez, J. A., Rubio Sosa, J. C. A, & French, B. F. (in press). Examination of the Spanish Trait Meta-Mood Scale (TMMS-24) factor structure in a Mexican setting. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1177/0734282914552052.
  • French, B. F., & Finch, W. H. (2016). Factorial invariance testing under different levels of partial loading invariance within a multiple group confirmatory factor analysis model. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, 3, 79-93.
  • Finch, W. H. & French, B. F. (2015). Logistic regression and model based recursive partitioning for item evaluation. General Linear Model, 41 1-10.
  • Weeks, D., French, B. F., Davis, A. D., & Towle, L. T. (2015). Development and validation of the Diabetes Knowledge Assessment Test for use in medical rehabilitation. Disability and Rehabilitation, 37, 802-811, DOI: 10.3109/09638288.2014.940427.
  • Finch, W. H., & French, B. F. (2015). Modeling of nonrecursive structural equation models with categorical indicators, Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 22, 416-428. DOI:10.1080/10705511.2014.937380.
  • French, B. F., & Finch, W. H. (2015). SIBTEST in a multilevel data environment. Journal of Educational Measurement, 52, 159-180.
  • Beaver, J., French, B. F., Finch, W. H., & Ullrich-French, S. C., (2014). Detection of sex differential item functioning in the Inventory of Early Development. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 32, 775-780.
  • Gotch, C. M., & French, B. F. (2014). A systematic review of assessment literacy measures. Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice, 33(2), 14-18.
  • French, B. F., & Finch, W. H. (2013). Extensions of Mantel-Haenszel for multilevel DIF detection. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 73, 648-671.
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