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College of Education

Psychometric Lab

Our Resources

The Psychometric Laboratory, is currently housed inside the LPRC, in the College of Education. The Lab houses state-of-the-art equipment for research and teaching activities including psychometric and statistical software, technical manuals and statistical and psychometric references. The Lab has access to various communications systems and high-speed internet connections to facilitate real time meetings.

There is a suite of computers for projects and teaching. We have access to high-speed computing clusters on campus. Our software includes typical software used in research in measurement and psychometrics (e.g., SAS, SPSS, R, LISREL, Mplus, IRT-specific software, HLM, and so forth). Researchers have access to serve space for storage of data.

Data Table for Applied Psychometrics using SPSS and AMOS by Chapter
ChapterData source SPSSSyntax SPSS
1: Introduction to Psychometric ConceptsN/A
2: Item Analysisex2.sav; poly1.sav
3: Reliabilityex2.sav; poly1.sav; coping.sav
4: Generalizability Theorydesign.savG1design
5: Validityconcurrent_validity.sav; predictive_validity.sav
validity.sav; scab.sav; discriminant groups validity
6: Issues in scoringmath4.sav
7: Differential Item Functioninglang5dif.sav; Motivation.savlogistic regression for dichotomous dif; logistic regression for ordinal dif; DIFLRT for ordinal variables
8: Equatingequating.sav; chained equipercentile equating.sav
Data Table for Applied Psychometrics using SAS by Chapter
ChapterData Source SAS
1: Intro to Psychometric Concepts
2: Item Analysisdiff.dat
3: Reliabilityex2.sas7dat
4: Generalizabilitydesign.sas7dat
5: Validityvalidity.sas7dat
6: Issues in Scoringmath4.sas7dat
7: Item Response Theoryg6math.sas7dat
8: Differential Item Functioninglangg5dif.sas7dat
9: Equatinghw.txt