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Roley Lab Watershed Biogeochemistry

PI – Sarah S. Roley

Sarah Roley next to switchgrass











Carmella Vizza in a pond
Dr. Carmella Vizza










Graduate Students

picture of Erica Bakker
Erica Bakker, M.S. Environmental Science













Aaron Pelly picture
Aaron Pelly, M.S. Environmental Science














Shawnee Kasanke, PhD Student
Shawnee Kasanke, PhD Student


Jarod Cable, PhD Student


Lab Staff

Matthew Belanger, Lab Manager

Undergraduate Students

Jeannette Lilly, Earth and Environmental Science












Tayvin Trujillo


Rhenton Brimberry, Earth and Environmental Science


Cassandra Elkins picture
Cassandra Elkins, Biology











Alifya Saify picture
Alifya Saify, technician














Bethany Karlsen, B.S. Earth and Environmental Science