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Sleep and Performance Research Center

Core Faculty Research Area: Health

Jason Gerstner

Chronobiology and Memory

Devon Hansen

Human Sleep and Cognition

Lois James

Simulated Hazardous Operational Tasks

Levente KAPÁS

Integrative Sleep Physiology

Yool Lee

Influence of Circadian Rhythms on Physiology, Diseases, and Therapeutic Interventions

Lucia Peixoto

Sleep, Development and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Brieann Satterfield

Human Sleep and Cognition

Steve Simasko (Emeritus)

Alcohol and Sleep

Éva Szentirmai

Sleep and Metabolism

Hans Van Dongen

Human Sleep and Cognition

Bryan Vila (Emeritus)

Simulated Hazardous Operational Tasks

Marian Wilson

Human Sleep and Symptom Management

Jonathan Wisor

Molecular And Genetic Approaches to Sleep