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School of Biological Sciences Stephanie Porter Lab


We are currently recruiting motivated individuals to join our lab:

Prospective WSUV undergraduate students: Check out the new Science Scholars Program! This program:

  • connects WSUV undergraduates to open research opportunities in campus labs!
  • highlights grants undergraduates can apply for to fund a research project!
  • highlights symposia where undergraduates can present their research!

Please contact Stephanie directly regarding possible internship opportunities. We are always interested in providing opportunities to participate in research for motivated undergraduates. Undergraduates tend to start work in the lab by assisting with ongoing projects and will be encouraged to develop their own independent project as they move forward. We encourage undergraduates who complete independent projects in the lab to present their findings at local scientific meetings, and can provide some support for this. Stephanie has supervised >25 undergraduate interns, many of whom have built upon their research experience as they have gone on to diverse professional careers in biology, medicine, and plant science.

Prospective graduate students: please take a look at the Natural Science Graduate Program at WSUV. I accept graduate students through the School of Biological Sciences’ Biology and Plant Biology PhD programs. WSUV offers teaching assistantship support for PhD level graduate students and I currently have grant funding to support student research on RAship for dissertation topics related to my research emphases. You can take a look at some of the other faculty who would make great committee members here at WSUV.

I encourage all my students to pursue their own funding opportunities. This gives students experience in developing a research proposal, and provides an avenue for funding independent research ideas. Fellowship opportunities for graduate students include the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, and the Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship.

If you are interested, please contact me with a description of your research interests and a resume or CV that includes relevant coursework and your GPA.

Prospective postdoctoral scholars: I am happy to work with those interested in developing proposals for postdoctoral funding on other topics in plant-microbe evolutionary ecology (eg. US citizens: NSF, the Ford Foundation, or for international citizens, HFSP, etc). Please contact me directly regarding postdoctoral proposals.