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Funding Quantum Chaos Research




We are supported by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) to do fundamental theoretical research on quantum chaotic systems. Projects supported by NSF include studies of: electronic ground state fluctuations due to electron-electron interactions; approximations and bounds on the metric entropy of a class of many-body interacting systems; eigenfunction localization due to quantum suppression of limited classical transport with the Herman-Kluk propagator; extreme value statistics of random complex waves and chaotic eigenstates; investigations of what is being measured in scanning gate microscopy of quantum point contacts; long range underwater sound and random matrix theory; and analytical results for fluctuations in classical sum rules, such as the Hannay-Ozorio principle of uniformity.


US Education

We are supported by the US Department of Education through the Graduate Assistantships in Areas of National Need program. We have created a department-wide program for entering graduate students which gives them professional training in becoming educators that goes beyond the usual sorts of experiences acquired as teaching assistants. The GAANN Fellows are assigned to mentors who are teaching lower division courses that develop and oversee these training projects. Projects may include developing new laboratories, learning effective teaching skills in large classroom lecture formats, or the development of other professional education skills.