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Department of Physics and Astronomy Quantum Chaos Research

Graduate Student Projects


Ph.D. Student Projects

Katherine Hegewisch

Katherine Hegewisch (Dec 2010): 
A Random Matrix Model for Long Range Acoustic Propagation in the Ocean [ SummaryThesis (14.2 MB) ]

Tatsuro Nagano

Tatsuro Nagano (Dec 2002): 
Role of dynamics in interacting fermion systems : the Strutinsky Method and ground state properties of quantum dots. [SummaryThesis (7.3 MB)]

Nicholas R. Cerruti

Nicholas R. Cerruti (Dec 2000): 
Violations of ergodicity as observed in quantum chaotic systems and Coulomb blockade peak heights. [Summary,Thesis (7.3 MB)]


Masters Student Projects

Muhammad Asad-uz-Zaman

Muhammad Asad-uz-Zaman (Dec 2007): 
Investigating Electron Flow Through a Quantum Point Contact [Summary]

Katherine Hegewisch

Katherine Hegewisch (Dec 2003): 
Ocean Acoustic Wave Propagation and ray method correspondence: Internal Wave Fine Structure [SummaryPaper (177 kB)]