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Department of Physics and Astronomy Quantum Chaos Research

Undergraduate Projects

Alexander Davis

Alexander Davis (Summer 2010): 
Undergraduate from Washington State University
Project: Filamentary Nature of Random Wave Fields

Elizabeth Bernhardt
Elizabeth Bernhardt

Elizabeth Bernhardt (REU Summer 2009): 
Undergraduate from St. Catherine’s University
Project: Long-range wave propagation through random media
[SummaryPaper (3.2 MB),Poster]

John Elton
John Elton

John Elton (REU Summers 2007 & 2008): 
Undergraduate from Georgia Institute of Technology
Project: Finite time fluctuations in the Uniformity Principle
[SummaryPaper (0.5 MB)]

Scott Clark

Scott Clark (REU Summer 2007): 
Undergraduate from Oregon State University
Project: Extreme Statistics

Adam Meier

Adam Meier (Summer 2004): 
Undergraduate from Rice University
Project: Classical Chaotic Dynamics of Bumpy Stadium Billiards
[Summary,Paper (2.3 MB)]