Our Mission

The XR Development Lab in the College of Education was established in 2022 with support from Unity and funding from the university and the Department of Teaching and Learning. The lab is located in Room 312 of Cleveland Hall. In lab projects, we work from the theory that all students can and need to be engaged in order to learn. The learning model that we ground our work in is the Comprehensive Task Engagement Model (Egbert et al., 2021; 2022). 

Our work includes:
  1. Reviewing, curating, and creating XR tools for education across disciplines, contexts, and levels.
  2. Providing professional development to pre- and in-service teachers and disciplinary faculty to raise awareness of XR and support practical digital literacy skills based on a task engagement framework.
  3. Conducting and collaborating on research on XR in education.
Current projects
  1. Augmented reality (AR) teacher workshops
  2. Virtual reality (VR) headset workshops
  3. Unity VR development
  4. AR archive development for disciplinary text augmentation
  5. Exploration/list of AR/VR apps (i.e., 360 video, modeling apps, AI)
  6. Creating videos for a 360 degree video archive

Upcoming events

  1. VR for facilitators workshop (TBD)
  2. Pullman teacher workshops (TBD)
  3. Workshop with Intensive American Language Center teachers