Annotated XR Resources

Here are some resources annotated to keep you informed, inspired, and equipped with the latest advancements in XR. Our team scours the digital landscape to bring you external links, websites, and platforms that offer valuable insights, tutorials, and cutting-edge technologies. Discover practical tools, guides, and case studies that showcase real-world applications, inspiring you to push boundaries and unlock the potential of XR in your own projects.

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Technology NameDescription
SketchfabSketchfab is a 3D modeling platform website to publish, share, discover, buy and sell 3D, VR and AR content.
TurboSquidA global creative platform offering ready to use, high-quality 3D Models.

Technology NameDescriptionDisciplinesCostGrade or Proficiency LevelCreation tool?
Jeeves AIAn AI chat assistant powered by GPT3 and GPT4 from OpenAI, capable of answering questions and generating versatile content using over 150 templates, serving as a multifunctional AI writing assistant.Premium- $143.99/YearNo
BrainlyAn educational platform that connects students, allowing them to ask questions and receive answers from a community of peers knowledgeable in various academic subjects.Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and ScienceBrainly Tutor: $96/Year
Brainly Plus: $39/Year
Higher Education, Middle/High schoolNo
ConsensusIt is an AI-powered search engine that extracts evidence-based information from scientific research, making it accessible to users and automating aspects of the research process.AllFreeHigher EducationNo
CopilotAn AI-powered tool that assists teachers in developing well-organized lesson plans and generates templates for a range of educational materials, including writing prompts, handouts, reports, project outlines, and more. It streamlines the creation process, making it easier for teachers to produce high-quality resources.All$9/Month4-6, Middle/High school, Higher Education, English Language ProgramYes
Curipod AIAn AI-powered tool that combines the functions of a chatbot and a search engine, delivering up-to-date information with source references in response to user queries and offering both concise and detailed responses.AllPremium- $7.50/MonthAllYes
DALL.E2An AI-powered system developed by OpenAI that generates images from text descriptions. Visual ArtAllYes
ELSAAn AI-powered app designed to improve English pronunciation, vocabulary, and language skills through speech recognition technology and interactive language learning activities, fostering fluency and proficiency in the English language.LanguagesPremium- $74.99/YearEnglish Language Program, Higher Education, Middle/High school, 4-6, K-3Yes
GradescopeAn online grading and assessment platform that streamlines the grading process for educators by providing tools for efficient assignment submission, automated grading, and feedback generation.Language, Science, and Math$1 per student for the Basic plan.

$3 per student for the Team and Solo plans
All Yes
Seeing AIAn AI app developed by Microsoft that uses AI to provide audio descriptions of the world to visually impaired individuals by utilizing the device camera to identify and audibly describe people, text, and objects. Its features are specifically tailored to assist those with visual disabilities.AllFreeAllYes
SlidesAIAn AI-powered tool that can create professional and engaging presentation slides from any piece of text in secondsAll$10/MonthAllYes
Socratic AIA mobile app powered by Google AI that assists students with homework by utilizing AI technology to provide educational resources like videos, definitions, Q&A, and expert-created study guides across various subjects such as Science, Math, Literature, Social Studies, and more, making it a comprehensive learning tool for high school and university students.AllFreeHigher Education, Middle/High schoolNo
Speech AnalyzerAn AI-powered conversational English fluency coach that analyzes users' speech in real-time, providing immediate feedback to improve pronunciation, intonation, grammar, and overall EnglishLanguagesPremium- $74.99/YearEnglish Language Program, Higher Education, Middle/High school, 4-6, K-3No
Stable DiffusionA latent text-to-image diffusion model capable of generating photo-realistic images given any text input cultivates autonomous freedom to produce incredible imagery and empowers billions of people to create stunning art within seconds.Science, Art and TechnologyFreeNo
StepWise MathStepwise Math is an AI-based virtual tutor designed to assist teens and adult learners in their mathematical education.MathStudent: $9.99/Month

Family: $27/Month
Higher Education, Middle/High schoolNo is an AI tutor that offers one-on-one speaking practice for children to improve their fluency in English. The app utilizes voice recognition and AI technology for voice-based interaction, providing personalized learning plans, games, and activities. It covers essential areas like pronunciation, vocabulary, and listening comprehension.LanguagesUS$4.99 /month["K-3","4-6"]No
DuolingoDuolingo utilizes AI algorithms to personalize language learning by tracking user progress, adapting lessons to individual levels, and providing personalized feedback and practice exercises. Duolingo Max, a subscription tier above Super Duolingo, offers additional features like Explain My Answer and Roleplay, leveraging powerful generative AI technology.Languagesfreemium- The prices for Duolingo Max and Duolingo Super are not available on the official website, but according to other sources, Duolingo Super costs around $83.99 per year, and Duolingo Max is priced at approximately $168 per year.English Language ProgramNo
LanguateThis tool is designed to enhance speaking skills in five languages across three proficiency levels. Languagesfreemium- US$ 12.95 /monthEnglish Language ProgramNo, integrated with PowerPoint, enables teachers to create interactive presentations, gather real-time feedback from students, and offer additional features such as quizzes, surveys, course evaluations, and exam content reviews with immediate discussions.It can be applied to any discipline.freemium- Teacher plan US$ 6.99/month- Professor plan US$ 11.99/ monthMiddle/High school, Higher Education, English Language ProgramYes
TEACHERMATICTeacherMatic provides a variety of tools powered by GPT-3 generators, allowing instructors to generate essential materials such as lesson plans, quizzes learning activities, schemes of work, and plenaries.It can be applied to any discipline.freemium- Basic £ 9.99/month- Professional £18/ monthMiddle/High school, Higher Education, English Language ProgramYes
YippityYippity is an AI-based tool that converts text or websites into questions and answers for creating quizzes or flashcards.It can be applied to any discipline.US$4.99 /monthMiddle/High school, Higher EducationYes

Technology NameDescriptionDisciplinesCostGrade or Proficiency LevelCreation tool?
3D AR Maps by MapboxStudents are able to navigate the world map and learn something about places that they want to know. History, Social Science Free K-3, and 4-6 No
3DBearStudents can explore and create their own virtual world. Languages, Physical Education, Social Science, Science, Visual Art , History, Math Teacher Plan: $119/YearK-3, 4-6, and Middle/High school Yes
4D AnatomyStudents can learn and test anatomy knowledge. Science $99/YearK-3, 4-6, and Middle/High school No
Adobe AeroStudents can create and share interactive stories.Languages, Physical Education, Social Science, Science, Visual Art, History, Math $19.99/Month (for first year, then $29.99/Month)K-3, 4-6, and Middle/High school Yes
Anima ResStudents can watch medical animation and learn from it. Science FreeMiddle/High school No
ARizeStudents can observe how the machine works to improve model performance.Languages, Physical Education, Social Science, Science, Visual Art, History, Math FreeK-3, 4-6, Middle/High schoolYes
Augmentify ItStudents can see 3D animation of many wildlife animals in the AugmentifyIt books. Science,Math, Visual ArtFree of charge but users have to buy AugmentifyIt productsK-3, 4-6No
BBC Civilisations ARStudents can learn history by watching animation and reading introductions of museums and galleries.Visual Art, HistoryFreeMiddle/High school, 4-6, K-3No
Catchy Words ARStudents can catch letters to come up with words by walking around.Languages, Visual ArtFreeK-3, 4-6Yes
Complete AnatomyStudents can explore an interactive 3D human anatomyScience$39.99 annual subscription for student, $99.99 annual subscription for professional. No
Paint Space ARStudents can draw in the air when they use this app. Visual Art FreeK-3, 4-6, and Middle/High school Yes

Technology NameDescriptionDisciplinesCostGrade or Proficiency LevelCreation tool?
1,2,3… Bruegel!Students can experience exploring a painting with a mission to find 200 children in the cityVisual Art$2.99 for single-playerN/ANo
1943 Berlin BlitzStudents can enjoy by sitting and watching in the VR headset the historical adventure of the city of Lancaster and World War II in generalHistoryFreeN/ANo
3D Organon VR AnatomyStudents can study anatomyScience, Medical Education$70 - $500N/ANo
A Journey into the BrainStudents can learn the structure of the human brainScience$9 - $ 20 per gameN/ANo
Access MarsStudents can take the virtual tour experience to Mars in the spacecraft, Curiosity rover. ScienceFreeN/ANo
Adam Savage's Tested VR Students can explore a wide variety of creative workspacesVisual ArtFreeN/ANo
Adventure Climb Students can experience climbing in 3D worldPhysical EducationFree For single user, and $5.99 for multiplayers K-3, 4-6, Middle/High SchoolNo
Anatomy Explorer 2020 Students can explore 3D human body and structureScience, Medical EducationFree trial, $29.99 subscription for personal use. $199 - $499 subscription for the institution.Middle/High schoolNo
AnatomyouStudents can explore and learn about human anatomyScience0.99 - 3.99 Euro for newly updated version, free for old versionTeachers can create an experience in the app by contacting the company via their website.Yes
Angry BirdsStudents can play games by shooting angry birds to an object in the playspace.N/AFreeN/AYes
Anne Frank House VRStudents can travel back in time through Anne and her family’s experience of World WarHistoryFree for multiple playersN/ANo
Apollo 11 VR HD (New Version of Apollo 11 VR)Students can experience historic events and explore outer space virtually from the witness’ perspectives.Science, History$9.83 for single-player/userN/ANo
Art PlungeStudents can experience being inside some famous paintings, e.g., Mona Lisa, Starry Night. Visual Art$1.99 for single userN/ANo
Arte TripsStudents can experience the feeling of exploring the famous paintingVisual ArtFree and single userN/ANo
AscapeStudent can experience travelling around the world virtually via VR mobile appLanguages, Social Science, Geographyfree for single user (not sure if this is still available on Apple Apps)N/ANo
Athenian AcropolisStudents can visit and explore 3D cultural sites or ancient architecturesVisual Art, History$6.00 for single userN/ANo
Audicastudents can enjoy an immersive rhythm-based shooting game that enhances hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills, music appreciation, and social interactionMusic$29.99 for single user/playerNo
Audioshieldstudents can engage in an interactive and physically engaging music experience by blocking incoming orbs with their hands, promoting coordination and rhythm skills.Music$29.99 for single user/playerNo
BBC Earth: Life in VRstudents can explore immersive virtual reality experiences that showcase the wonders of nature, providing educational opportunities to learn about different ecosystems, wildlife, and conservation in an engaging and visually stunning manner.ScienceFree for single userNo
Beat Saberstudents can enjoy a rhythm-based game where they use virtual lightsabers to slice through blocks in time with music, promoting hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and providing a fun and physically active way to engage with music.Music$29.99 for single playerNo
Becoming Homelessstudents can experience a virtual reality simulation that puts them in the shoes of someone facing homelessness, fostering empathy, understanding, and awareness about the challenges and issues surrounding homelessness.Social Science, PsychologyFree for single userNo
Biodivestudents can embark on virtual underwater expeditions, exploring marine ecosystems, observing marine life, and engaging in interactive learning experiences that foster understanding of biodiversity, ecological concepts, and conservation effortsScience$4.99 for single user, $120 for classroom (30 students/users), $600 for school (150 students/users)No
Box VRstudents can participate in a virtual reality fitness game that combines boxing-inspired workouts with energetic music, helping them stay active while having fun.Physical Education$29.99 for single userNo
BrainVisStudents can explore 3D neuroimagingScience, AnatomyFree for single userNo
Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways to Marsstudents can embark on a virtual reality journey to Mars alongside astronaut Buzz Aldrin, experiencing a realistic and educational simulation of space exploration.ScienceFree for single userNo
CalcFlowstudents can visualize and manipulate complex mathematical concepts in a three-dimensional virtual environment, enhancing their understanding and engagement with calculus.MathFree for personal use, $299/year for academic use (two users licenses), $5K/year for research use.No
Capcom Go!students can experience the historic Apollo missions and engage in an immersive virtual reality journey to learn about the moon landing and the space race.Science$4.99 for single player/userNo
Cirque du Soleilstudents can immerse in the mesmerizing world of “Cirque du Soleil” performances and witness breathtaking acrobatics.Visual Art, Circus/Acrobatics and Theatrical Shows$6.99 for single userNo
ClassVRstudents can engage in immersive educational experiences through virtual reality, exploring subjects such as science, history, geography, and more. Languages, Social Science, Science, History, Math8-30 stand-alone VR headsets ($4-19K), $399 for a single campusK-3,4-6,Middle/High school,Higher Education,English Language ProgramNo
Glue Glue designed to foster students' engagement and promote effective teamwork in educational settings. This innovative tool provides a seamless platform for collaborative learning, empowering students to interact, collaborate, and exchange ideas effortlessly, while promoting active participation and enhancing essential teamwork skills.Languages, Physical Education, Social Science, Science, Visual Art, History, MathWith the FREE subscription, you can have up to 10 members in your Glue Team and create up to 10 Team Spaces. FREE subscription has a session time limit of 30 minutes per sessionMiddle/High school,Higher Education,English Language ProgramYes
Arkio Arkio on Meta Quest and Meta Quest Pro is a powerful design application for creating interiors, buildings, and virtual spaces. It offers collaboration tools, room import, passthrough functionality, and seamless integration with other design software. With its unique volumetric modeling kernel, users can intuitively shape and modify designs using parametric components.Math, Visual Art, ScienceThere are 3 paid plans for example: $45 annually where you can host up to 24 people and unlimited time English Language Program,Higher Education,Middle/High schoolYes
National Geographic Explore VRThis National Geographic experience serves as an educational tool, allowing learners to explore diverse environments, cultures, and historical sites, fostering curiosity and critical thinking.Math, History, Science, Visual Art, Social Science, Physical Education, LanguagesK-3"4-6,Middle/High school,Higher Education,English Language ProgramNo
SpatialSpatial revolutionizes education by enabling virtual field trips, collaborative projects, and interactive learning activities. With its 3D design capabilities and global connectivity, students can engage in immersive experiences, connect with experts, and foster creativity in a virtual classroom setting.Languages, Physical Education, Social Science, Science, Visual Art,History,MathYes
Prisms MathPrisms transforms Math education by offering students a learning experience that combines problem-solving, hands-on modeling, and abstract representation connections. Through VR content modules, a multiplayer sandbox, and teaching materials, students can deepen their understanding of Math concepts and develop practical skills.Math$23.99/yearMiddle/High school, Higher EducationNo
CNN VR (since 2017)students can engage in immersive virtual reality experiences that enhance their understanding of news events and journalismAny disciplinesFree and available on Play StoreNo
Color Space (released in 2020)Students can explore and experiment with colors, design, and creativityArts$10 for single userNo
CoSpacesStudents can create, animate, and navigate through their personalized 3D creations, either independently or in collaboration with other students.All disciplines$55 for multiple usersYes
Creed: Rise to GloryStudents can experience fight in boxing against the top boxers in the world in virtual realityPhysical Education$29.99 for single userNo
Dance CentralStudents can engage in a fun and immersive virtual dance experience that promotes physical activity, coordination, rhythm, and creativity.Visual Art, Physical Education$29.99 for single and multiple players/usersNo
Deep Diving VR (VR from Poland)Students can explore the fascinating underwater world, learn about marine life, and enhance their knowledge of ocean ecosystems.Science$1.99 for single player/userNo
Digital Combat SimulatorStudents can use experience realistic military simulations, hone their tactical skills, and gain a deeper understanding of aerial combat and warfare strategiesMilitary TrainingFree simulation, for content purchase: $6.99 - $64.99 for single - multiple playersNo
Discovery VRStudents can embark on captivating virtual expeditions, discover new worlds and cultures, and gain immersive educational experiences through a wide range of interactive documentaries and exploratory contentScienceFreeNo
Dissection SimulatorStudents can enhance their understanding of anatomy and biology by virtually dissecting organisms, allowing for hands-on learningScience$29.99 for single userNo
Dreamsstudents can explore immersive virtual reality experiences by meeting and collaborating with other players that enhance learning and engagement across various subjects and disciplines.Languages, Social Science, Science, Math, History$19.99 for single userYes
Ecospherestudents can experience an adventure to virtual wildlife that allows them to learn about ecosystems, biodiversity, and environmental sustainabilityScienceFREENo
Eleven Table Tennisstudents can engage in realistic virtual table tennis matches that improve their hand-eye coordination, strategic thinking, and overall physical activity.Physical Education $29.99 for single userNo
Engagestudents can participate in immersive virtual reality experiences that facilitate collaborative learning, interactive simulations, and global communication.All disciplinesFREENo
Evereststudents can embark on a breathtaking virtual journey to Mount Everest, exploring its majestic peaks and learning about the challenges and wonders of mountaineeringScience, Physical Education$4.99 for single playerNo
Everybody's Golfstudents can enjoy a virtual golfing experience that improves their golf skills, fosters sportsmanship, and offers a fun and immersive gameplay environment.Physical Education$29.99 for single playerNo
EXA: The Infinite Instrumentstudents can unleash their creativity by composing and performing music in a limitless virtual world of sound and visual artistryVisual Art$14.99 for single userNo
Experience: Colorblindstudents can gain empathy and understanding by simulating the experience of being colorblind, raising awareness about color vision deficiencies.ScienceFree for single userNo
Facebook 360students can explore immersive 360-degree videos and photos, offering a new perspective on real-world locations, events, and storytelling.All DisciplinesFreeNo
Fancy Skiingstudents can enjoy an entertaining virtual skiing experience with unique challenges and physics-based gameplay that enhances their reflexes and coordination.Physical Education$6.99 for single userNo
Fantastic Contraptionstudents can unleash their creativity by building intricate contraptions and solving physics-based puzzles in a fun and immersive virtual environment.Science, Visual Art $19.99 for single playerNo
FotonStudents can explore immersive virtual reality experiences that enhance learning and engagement across various subjects through interactive simulations, visualizations, and educational contentAll disciplinesFree demo, contact the company for further info about subscriptionNo
Gadgeteerstudents can unleash their engineering and problem-solving skills by building intricate Rube Goldberg-style contraptions in a sandbox environment, fostering creativity and spatial reasoning.Science$14.99 for single userNo
Go Guessstudents can test their knowledge and trivia skills across various subjects in an engaging virtual reality quiz gameAll disciplinesFreeNo
Google Arts & Culturestudents can virtually explore famous artworks, historical landmarks, and cultural heritage sitesAll disciplinesFreeNo