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Dr. Rahul Panat's Advanced Manufacturing Lab

Panat lab moving to CMU

Panat lab will be moving to the Carnegie Mellon University (Mechanical Engineering department) from August 2017. We would like to thank everyone at WSU for the great journey over the last three years in terms of exciting challenges in teaching and research! 

CMU faculty page link

Panat lab receives NSF award to investigate 3D printing

Panat lab received a multi-year research award from the CMMI division of NSF. The award supports research focused on a novel additive manufacturing method that involves a build-up of strong 3D microscale structures by printing metal nanoparticles dispersed into a solvent followed by nanoparticle sintering. The research will be in collaboration with co-PI, Dr. H. Zbib, who will carry out multi-scale simulations to capture the deformation behavior of the additive structures.

Link to NSF website

Invited seminars at TMS

Dr. Panat gave an invited seminar and another talk at the 2017 TMS conference in San Diego, CA. The presentations were in the areas of nanoparticle printing in 2-D and 3-D and stretchable electronics.

Russell wins NASA space grant award for graduate students

Russell Moser won the NASA space grant for his research on printed sensors in the lab. This is a prestigious award given to graduate researchers at WSU working on space related research problems. Russell was also the winner of the NASA space grant for UG students last year! Congratulations.

Sadeq’s paper accepted in Science Advances

Sadeq’s paper (with Chunshan) was accepted in Science Advances, which is a recently launched journal by the publishers of Science. This work develops a method that allows the arrangement of nanoparticles in space at micro and nanoscales by 3-D printing. We have obtained a feature control over 5-6 orders of magnitudes in length scales. Congratulations!


Taibur wins prestigious fellowship

Taibur was awarded the Richard R. and Constance M. Albrecht Fellowship for the year 2017/18. This prestigious fellowship has an award amount of $1500 and is awarded through a campus-wide competition for graduate students. Congratulations!