Analytics and PsychoPharmacology Laboratory
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Analytics and PsychoPharmacology Laboratory (APPL)

The mission of the Analytics and PsychoPharmacology Laboratory (APPL) is to advance innovative, scientifically rigorous approaches to the understanding, treatment, and prevention of addictions. We accomplish this by:

  • Conducting transdisciplinary research in interrelated areas
  • Training future scholars and clinicians
  • Promoting active participation of program affiliates in relevant policy arenas

Dr. Miguel and Colleagues Publish New Research Evaluating Methamphetamine Use Disorder Treatment Outcomes

Evening Time Nature with Happy Family

APPL’s Dr. Smith finds that the lowest rates of cannabis/ tobacco co-use occur in youth with family protection factors

Dr. Sterling McPherson Awarded Two R01 Grants for Research on Alcohol Use and Smoking Treatments


Dr. Nicole Rodin featured speaker for the webinars hosted by the Center for Rural Opioid Prevention, Treatment & Recovery: “Fentanyl Facts”

Dr. Ekaterina Burduli

Appl’s Eka Burduli form the College of Nursing to be inducted into WSU Athletics Hall of Fame. Congratulations Eka!


Program of Excellence in Addictions Research

APPL is one of several units housed within the larger Program of Excellence in Addictions Research (PEAR).