Featured Publications

September 2022

Supporting perinatal individuals with opioid use disorder and their newborns experiencing neonatal abstinence syndrome: impressions from patients and healthcare providers

Featured APPL Authors: Ekaterina Burduli, Crystal Smith, Sterling McPherson

March 2022

Automated Reinforcement Management System (ARMS): focused phase I provider feedback

Featured APPL Authors: Crystal Smith, Nicole Rodin, Julie Hwang, Andre Miguel, Sterling McPherson

January 2022

Youth risk profiles and their predication of distal cannabis and tobacco co-use in the Population Assessment of Tobacco Health (PATH)

Featured APPL Authors: Andre Miguel, Crystal Smith, Sterling McPherson

November 2021

Healthcare Professionals’ and budtenders’ perceptions of perinatal cannabis use

Featured APPL Authors: Crystal Smith, Ekaterina Burduli

October 2021

Effectiveness of incorporating Contingency Management into a public treatment program for crack cocaine users in Brazil: A single blind randomized controlled trial

Featured APPL Authors: Andre Miguel, Crystal Smith, Sterling McPherson

July 2021

Development of Automated Reinforcement Management System (ARMS): Protocol for a Phase I Feasibility and Usability Study

Featured APPL Authors: Andre Miguel, Crystal Smith, Nicole Perea, Sterling McPherson

June 2021

Validating the clinical relevance of alternative stimulant use treatment outcome measures by examining their association with 3-month follow-up outcomes

Featured APPL Authors: André Miguel, Crystal Smith, Ekaterina Burduli, Sterling McPherson

Predictors of cannabis and tobacco co-use in youth: exploring the mediating role of age at first use in the population assessment of tobacco health (PATH) study

Featured APPL Authors: Crystal Lederhos Smith, Andre Miguel, Sterling McPherson

May 2021

Long-term functioning to provide empirical support for the clinical relevance of treatment outcomes for methamphetamine use disorders

Featured APPL Authors: André Miguel, Crystal Smith, Ekaterina Burduli, Sterling McPherson

April 2021

Acceptability and feasibility of incorporating contingency management into a public treatment program for homeless crack cocaine users in Brazil: A pilot study

Featured APPL Authors: Andre Miguel, Crystal Smith,  Sterling McPherson

Substance use and mental health in pregnant women during the COVID-19 pandemic

Featured APPL Authors: Crystal Lederhos Smith, Ekaterina Burduli, Sterling McPherson

Development and Implementation of a Mobile Tool for High-Risk Pregnant Women to Deliver Effective Caregiving for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: Protocol for a Mixed Methods Study

Featured APPL Authors: Ekaterina Burduli, Sterling McPherson

March 2021

Stressors, coping, and resources needed during the COVID-19 pandemic in a sample of perinatal women

Featured APPL Authors: Crystal Lederhos Smith, Ekaterina Burduli

February 2021

Parallel growth modeling to better understand smoking with stimulant use outcomes during an integrated treatment trial

Featured APPL Authors: Crystal Smith, Sterling McPherson