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Dr. Shulin Chen Bioprocessing & Bioproducts Engineering Lab

BBEL Facilities

Washington State University has first-class analytical instruments that are available in the university core labs and centers. The BBEL maintains in-house laboratories for regular analysis and research activities that are specific to our interests. These include a fermentation/conversion lab, an analytical lab, an anaerobic digestion lab, a molecular biology lab and a microbiology lab.

Fermentation Lab

The research on conversion of raw material to various products is accomplished in the fermentation lab which is equipped with fermentors, chemical reactors, shakers, incubators and microbial culture devices. Research on pretreatment and hydrolysis of biomass is also conducted this lab.

Analytical Lab

This laboratory serves the needs for analysis. This lab is equipped with Gas Chromatograph (GC), GC/MS, HPLC, IC, and VIS/UV Spectrophotometer for various analyses.

Molecular Biology Lab

This laboratory is used for basic molecular biology operations. It is equipped with a nucleic acid gel electrophoresis system, a nucleic acid visualization chamber, a protein gel electrophoresis system, a PCR machine, an electroporator, a spectrophotometer, a hybridizer, a nucleic acid fixing UV chamber, and other necessary items such as centrifuges and shakers.

Anaerobic Lab

BBEL’s anaerobic digestion laboratory includes three facilities. The first one is a general lab where flask or small reactor research is conducted. This facility also includes a respirometer. The second one is a hotroom in which the temperature is maintained at 35oC. The third one is a pilot digester located at the WSU Dairy Center.

Microbiology Lab

The microbiology lab is used for identification, operation, store and inoculate cultures of bacteria, algae and fungi.