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Department of Physics and Astronomy Collins Research Group





Principle Investigator: Brian Collins

Email: brian.collins at

Phone: (509)335-4671

Office: Webster Physical Sciences 523




Graduate Student: Thomas Ferron

Email: thomas.ferron at

Office: Webster Physical Sciences 525






Graduate Student: Victor Murcia

Email: Victor.Murcia at

Office: Webster Physical Sciences 525





David Buckley M.S. (2017) – Physics Lab Specialist at Gonzaga University

“Computational Modeling to Determine Molecular Orientation at Buried Interfaces in Polymer Thin Films”

Michael Pope M.S. (2017)

“Using resonant X-ray scattering to determine how structure controls the charge generation process in PCPDTBT:PC70BM solar cells”

Obaid Alqahtani, M.S. (2016)

Qun Lu, M.S. (2016)


Undergraduate Degrees

Keith Hillaire, B.S. (2017) – North Carolina State University Physics Department

Matthew Waldrip, B.S. (2017) – Wake Forest University Physics Department

Eric Beier, B.S. (2015) – Navy