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CHANT Climate, Health and Nursing Tool

Climate, Health, and Nursing Tool -CHANT-

Climate change has been called the greatest public health challenge of the century.

Nurses are key providers of healthcare and public health.  However, when exploring information about what nurses knew and did about climate change and health, little was found. While instruments existed that measured the general public’s understanding of and engagement with climate change, none were found to measure these elements among nurses, the nation’s largest group of healthcare professionals.

The investigators addressed this gap by developing and testing the Climate, Health, and Nursing Tool.

As of 2020, all Health Professionals are invited to take CHANT, and contribute to the growing body of knowledge of health professionals’ awareness, motivations and behaviors related to climate change and health.

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Faculty, Professional Organizations and other groups may use CHANT to study their students or groups.  For more information, click HERE.