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CHANT Climate and Health Tool

Invitation to Participate in CHANT

A. Take CHANT 2024 as an individual

All health professionals are invited to participate in the CHANT research study by taking the survey each year.  It is offered in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Finnish. Respondents will receive no direct benefits from participating in the study.

Click here to go directly to the survey

B. Use CHANT for a Group

The CHANT survey is available to faculty, graduate students, or organizational leaders to study responses from groups, including agencies, professional organizations, universities, classes, hospitals, public health departments, etc.  If  you are representing a group that is interested in using CHANT, please read below.

Why would you use CHANT to study groups?

  • To measure perceptions, motivations and behaviors of a group related to climate change and health
    • as a one-time measurement
    • or before and after an intervention such as an educational or participatory experience
    • as an annual or periodic measure to indicate change over time

How would you use CHANT to study groups?

  • You can request a specific CHANT survey episode to study your population. See below.
  • We will need specific information from you:
    •  investigator name, email, institution, whether you plan to administer the survey once or twice, and the estimated date range for the survey/s.
    • if surveying before and after an intervention, there are two options:
      • Link individuals’ responses across the pre and post surveys. You will need to instruct respondents to select a brief alphanumeric code unique to each of them, that they will remember and use for both surveys.
      • Individual responses not linked across pre and post surveys. No need for a unique code.
  • Please click here to request a CHANT episode

  • Within two weeks, we will build your specific CHANT survey and send you a link that you can use to collect responses. We will also send a log in so you can follow the responses and download the results when data collection is complete.


  • We include responses from all survey episodes to contribute to our growing database of anonymous CHANT responses in our ongoing research study. All first-time responses will be included in our master list of responses for ongoing analysis. We will not include repeated responses after an educational or experiential intervention.
  • You will complete the analysis for your study group.

IRB Considerations

  • This study has been certified as exempt from the need for review by the Washington State University Institutional Review Board (IRB).
  • Your university or organization may require that you go through your IRB to recruit and study students or members.