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Results Climate and Health Tool


CHANT data have been collected from 2019 through 2023. Investigators from 17 nations have used the tool.  Responses have come from 45 nations, though the majority are from the United States.

Each year, respondents have shown a moderate to high level of awareness of health impacts of climate change. They have been less aware that health care contributes significant levels of greenhouse gases, the primary cause of climate change.

They report being quite concerned about climate and health, and not very optimistic that we will prevent further harm or prepare adequately for harm already underway.

They are motivated to act by many elements, including clean water and air, health, family, and others.  The most frequent response given when asked about what demotivates them to act is “I’m overwhelmed”.

The health care respondents report talking with family and friends about climate and health regularly, with work professionals occasionally, and with elected officials rarely to never.

These general highlights have remained consistent across the five years of testing.