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CHANT Climate and Health Tool

CHANT Timeline

2017 Development of CHANT

  • Drafted items based on review of the literature and researchers’ experience
  • Interviewed 10 content experts from across the US and Canada, asking about their reflections on the drafted items and additional input
  • Revised items based on feedback

2018 Psychometric Testing of CHANT

  • We tested the revised items in 2018 by gathering responses from 600 nurses across the nation through on-line and snowball recruiting.
  • Respondents were asked to add comments, which we considered in the revision
  • We performed exploratory factor analysis on the 5 scales
  • We did not further change the scales, but we edited some of the demographic and frequency questions for clarity

CHANT Advancements

  • 2019 – Open for data collection across United States
  • 2020 – Available in Spanish in addition to English versions
  • 2020 – Open to all health professionals
  • 2021 – Available in Portuguese
  • 2021 – Data collection available by state or province in the US, Brazil, and Canada
  • 2022 – Available in Italian, data collection available by Italian province
  • 2022 – Confirmatory Factor Analysis completed
  • 2023 – Available in Finnish
  • 2023 – CHANT has been used by investigators in 17 nations. CHANT responses have come from 45 nations.