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Clean Energy Systems Integration Lab Energy, Buildings, and Systems




CESI lab is dedicated to finding novel systems integration strategies that will result in cleaner generation and permit greater use of renewable energy sources. Some of the topics being researched include: Oxy-FC, Optimal Dispatch of Distributed Generation and Storage, Wind-2-Hydrogen, Reversible SOFC, Fuel Cell Gas Turbine Hybrids, and much more.


Recent News & Highlights
CESI lab awarded ARPA-E INTEGRATE Project
A busy summer in the desert (Nadia Panossian)
Congratulations Garrett Hedberg!
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Welcome Ashley Mills!
EAGERS is Open-Source!
CESI lab makes Apple Cider!
Pressurized Oxygen-fed Electrochemical Test Stand (POET) is Operational!
Pressurized SOFC test stand arrives
McLarty and Hedberg present at ASME Fuel Cell 2016
Marshall Crenshaw awarded NASA grant
Hydrogen Symposium at WSU
Food-Energy-Water at WSU