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Clean Energy Systems Integration Lab Energy, Buildings, and Systems
ProjectPeopleCollaboratorsDescription of ActivitiesLinksSupportActive
dFC-GTJohn, Drazin, Nate Royer, Ryan HamiltonCapstone Turbines, Saint Gobain, RTMDevelopment of a pressurized SOFC test stand for evaluation of commercial scale SOFC cells under high pressure and high oxygen concentrations.

Test Stand Development
The Oxy-FC Concept
De-Coupled Hybrid
EAGERSHaley Mikeska, Nathanial JonesNREL
UC Irvine
Efficient Allocation of Grid Connected Energy Resources including Storage (EAGERS). This open-source project combines planning, optimization, control, and simulation of distributed energy resources into a single user-friendly software package. Public Repository
Technical Publication
EERE, FCTO8/1/16 - 7/31/19
Transactive Energy CampusNadia PanossianPNNL, Adam Hahn, Anjan BoseParticipation of distributed energy resources through a transactive energy network modelWA Commerce, CETF5/1/18-8/1/19
INFEWSAshley MillsJenny Adams, John Yoder, Jon Boll, Sasha Richey, Michael Goldsby, Julie PadowskiStudying the food-energy-water nexus in the Greater Columbia BasinNSF10/1/16-9/30/20
Oxy-FC for AerospaceJeff CollinsStudying the application of high power density SOFC for primary propulsion of all electric aircraft1/1/17-11/15/18
Decision Trees for micro-grid optimizationLibby AllenTraining neural networks through decision tree analysis for the unit-commitment problem5/1/18-5/1/19
VOLTRONNadia Panossian, Ryan HamiltonPNNLThis work aims to integrate smart optimization algorithms into a commercial building control system based upon the VOLTRON agent interface.EERE BTO5/1/16-4/30/18
Heisenberg VortexMarshall CrenshawJake Leachman's HYPER group Development of a an efficient, distributed scale, hydrogen liquifaction cycle. CESI lab's role is to provide the systems level analysis and transient modeling of wind-to-hydrogen systems combining high temperature electrolysis and this novel vortex tube based liquifaction system.EERE FCTO9/1/15-12/31/16
Oxy-FCGarrett HedbergStudy of a novel de-coupled SOFC-GT hybrid for efficient power production from natural gas8/15/15-4/30/17