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Clean Energy Systems Integration Lab Energy, Buildings, and Systems

Past Students in CESI Lab

garrett_bioGarrett HedbergGarrett Hedberg graduated from Washington State with his Masters in Science - Mechanical Engineering in the spring of 2017. Garrett's work involved the research and modeling of a de-coupled fuel cell gas turbine as well as helping develop and test the SOFC test stand within the CESI lab at WSU.

After graduate school, Garrett accepted a position at Energy Solutions - a southern California based consulting firm that works with utilities to implement energy efficiency programs, and invest in emerging energy technologies.

Garrett's currently manages efficiency programs for Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power, SoCalGas and SoCal Edison. He also analyzes solar installations within Pacific Gas and Electric service territory as well as designing residential micro-grids throughout California.
Scott_KevinKevin ScottKevin Scott holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics with an emphasis in Astrophysics from the University of California, Davis. After working for the USA Science & Engineering Festival, the largest science festival in the United States, Kevin is excited to work on clean energy technologies at the CESI lab and expand his expertise through the pursuit of a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Originally from Encinitas, a suburb of San Diego, Kevin enjoys hiking, playing the guitar, and scuba diving.
Marshall CrenshawMarshall CrenshawMarshall Crenshaw graduated from Washington State University in the Spring of 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and minors in both Materials Science and Math. The focus of his Master’s degree involves modeling the performance of all components within a specific hydrogen liquefaction system. He is from Port Orchard, Washington and has a passion for rocketry and space related endeavors but is also a huge proponent of renewable energy technologies and is excited to be able to participate in that field for his degree. He enjoys joking around with friends and family, singing along with songs he knows, and playing nose guard for his nationally ranked flag football team called The BadDogs, under the alias ‘Stan Darsh’.
Jeff CollinsJeff graduated with his MS in mechanical engineering in Fall 2018 and is currently pursuing a PhD. He believes that technology should enhance human capabilities while also respecting the environment, and hopes that his engineering career will support and expand upon these values. As a musician for over 20 years, Jeff often spends his free time writing, improvising and recording.
Nadia_PanossianNadia PanossianNadia Panossian is a Mechanical Engineer from Maryland. She got her bachelor's from University of Maryland in 2014 after which she worked for Siemens Energy Gas Turbines and Wind Turbines Groups in Orlando. Her focus during undergraduate studies and while in the industry was renewable energy production and distribution. She enjoys playing piano and saxophone as well as hiking.
Nadia now works as a staff scientist at the National Renewable Energy Lab
Nathanael RoyerNathanael Royer is from Olympia Washington and received his bachelors of science in mechanical engineering from Saint Martin’s University. He worked for a couple years with Puget Sound Energy expanding their Green Power program through community outreach efforts and is excited to combine his knowledge of the Washington power grid with his engineering abilities to help solve Washington’s renewable energy needs. Nathanael has a variety of hobbies to include sculpting in clay, playing violin, and riding his several motorcycles.
Nate now works as a post-doc at Pacific Northwest National Lab