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Infrastructure & Building materials, Concrete Pavement design Concrete Material Characterization Laboratory











Dr. Somayeh Nassiri is an assistant professor in the civil & environmental engineering department at WSU. She teaches courses on infrastructure design and materials. Her research is dedicated to advancing the state of the art and practice of sustainable cementitious building materials and concrete infrastructure design.


our mission

We are proud to have established and fully operate a state-of-the-art concrete material characterization facility. Our lab strives to make concrete infrastructure better! We mix concrete, cast specimens, and run tests almost every day these days! The lab’s mission is to train high-quality Ms and Ph.D. graduates that are ready to join academia or industry with confidence and competency. In doing so, we partner with the state departments of transportation, industry, and national organizations in conducting research projects that advance sustainable cementitious building materials and mechanistic design procedures for concrete pavements.

Our lab has openings for MSc and Ph.D. students with a background in structural and geotechnical Eng, or pavements and materials. Qualified applicants are encouraged to email Dr. Nassiri their CV, only if they consider themselves self-motivated and anxious to learn!