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Concrete Material Characterization Lab site Infrastructure & Building Materials, Concrete Pavement Design


CMCL is housed in the LEED Gold-certified PACCAR building on WSU’s campus in Pullman, WA. The 96,000 sq-ft building houses CMCL production, curing, structural and nondestructive testing rooms. Our combined state-of-the-art materials and structural laboratories position us to conduct a full range of testing on cementitious-based materials and structures. Some of the major equipment are,

materials & structural testing

  • Servo-hydraulic actuators with 10, 22, 56, 100, and 220 kip capacities
  • Servo-hydraulic axial test frames with 22 and 55 kip capacities with computer control and data acquisition
  • 200 kip tension testing machine
  • 500 kip reaction floor with two 7.5-ton overhead cranes
  • 120 constant-load test frames (for time-dependent behavior)
  • 2 accelerated weathering chambers: Xenon arc and fluorescent UV with water spray
  • 5 controlled environment conditioning rooms (15’ x 23’)
  • 1 controlled environment conditioning chamber (64 c.f.) -50F to 300F temperature range 20% to 95% relative humidity range. Programmable cyclic controls.
  • 2, 20, 25 and 30 kip electromechanical universal test machines with computer control and data acquisition (smaller load cells available)
  • Test Mark compression test machine with 250 kip capacity

concrete mixing, casting curing and conditioning

  • Several concrete drum mixers, air Entertainment meters and unit weight buckets and slump cones, shake table and shaft vibrator, benchtop oven, precision balances, screen shaker for aggregate grading, circular saw with diamond tip saw blade for cutting concrete specimens.
  • Walk-in fog room at a controlled temperature
  • Walk-in WEISS environmental chamber with controlled relative humidity (10-95%, +/-5%) and temperature (-40 to +80C, +/-1C) capabilities
  • Automated freeze-thaw cycling unit (ASTM C666) and several chest freezer units