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Inland Northwest future city competition

welcome_pgIt is critical that we reach out to students at a young age and show them the opportunities in STEM fields and help them realize their potential as an engineer or a scientist. We are trying to do so, through the Future City Competition. Middle school students start in early fall and with the help of an engineer mentor, and advise from their science, math or art teacher apply their math and physics skills to design, model and build their dream city 100 years in the future. Every January, we hold the competition at WSU, where a group of friendly volunteer judges from industry and academia go around, examine the models and hear the stories behind the cities, and select the top teams to advance to the next level.

To show children what engineers and scientists are up to at WSU, we hold tours of different labs on campus after the competition. We tell the children stories of our research and demonstrate experiments. We are always looking for judges, sponsors, and of course new schools. If you are interested in participating in any way, read here for more information or fire me a quick email.