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Amanda Putnam


My name is Amanda Putnam. I joined in the Fall of 2021. I joined the lab to gain more experience working in a research lab. I really liked and was interested in participating in the work being done in this lab. My favorite part of the lab is getting to work and interact with all the children. Also being able to see the results of the research being done in the lab. I would like to go to medical school become a doctor.

My major is Biology. My minor is Human Development and Chemistry. In my free time I like to hang out with friends.


Katelyn Arte


I joined the lab Fall 2021, my junior year of college.

I joined the lab to see children from a different perspective. I wanted to be able to understand their behaviors and be a part of group that had the same interest as me.

I am most excited about seeing the results of all the coded data. Since we have been working on this study for a long time, it will be so rewarding to see all our work coming together.

My career goal is to get my masters in Applied Behavioral Analysis to become a Board-Certified Behavioral Analysis.

My major is Human Development with a specialization in Child and Youth Development

I am not getting a minor, however I am getting a certificate in Family Studies

With my free time, I like to take my dog, Barley, for walks.


Claire McMeen


Claire is majoring in Human Development, and joined the lab in September of 2019. She joined the lab to gain a better understanding of the research process, work her peers who are also interested in child cognition, and begin to work with children in a lab setting. She looking forward to learning more about the implications of the projects that have been taking place in the lab, as well as working with children in upcoming studies. After her undergraduate studies, Claire hopes to pursue a career path in social work, or working with children through Play Therapy. In her free time, Claire loves to play the piano or ukulele, and play volleyball with her friends.


Hallie Barnett


Hallie is an undergraduate student majoring in creative writing with a minor in human development. She joined the lab in the fall of 2022 with an interest in the science behind anxiety and emotion regulation. She has enjoyed engaging in the research process by working directly with study participants. She is also excited to begin interpreting and understanding the research results. As she approaches graduation, she is aiming toward a career in social work or childcare. Her long-term goal is to open a nonprofit that will create and fund high-quality childcare centers in low-income areas. In her free time, she likes to read and write, as well as spend time with friends and family.


Alana Anderson


Alana Anderson earned her PhD in Prevention Science in May 2022 and is a former Research Assistant in the Lab for the Developing Mind and Instructor within the  Human Development Department. She is also a Learn Inspire Foster Transform (LIFT) fellow.

Alana’s research examines the general processes involved in self-regulation across the lifespan, and especially in infancy and early childhood. Most recently she has been studying self-regulation through the lens of boredom. The ability to regulate boredom is associated with greater health and well-being.  Alana is currently examining boredom in early childhood to identify the self-regulatory processes and parental factors that are associated with the ability to regulate boredom in early childhood. Alana uses a wide variety of methods in her research (e.g., interviews, surveys, behavioral, eye-tracking, and EEG).

More information about her research and teaching can be found here and her CV is available here. Alana can be contacted here.

Audrey Weaver


Audrey is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Criminal Justice. She joined the lab in January of 2020 to be able to gain research experience after the opportunity was discussed in one of her psychology classes about the benefits of research. She also enjoys working with children, and thought the lab would be a great way to continue doing what she loves. She is excited to learn and practice research. This is her first time in a lab setting and she is curious about the new skills and experiences she will be learning. After her undergraduate studies, Audrey is interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, with a specialization in intensive residential programs or the youth population. She is also interested in using research throughout her career! In her free time, Audrey loves being active by running, hiking, and exploring outside! She loves painting, drawing, road trips in her twenty year-old car, and going on adventures with her family and friends.

Kaitlyn Campbell


Kaitlyn is a post-graduate student who joined the lab in April of 2019. Kaitlyn graduated from University of Idaho with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Pre-Health studies during May of 2019. Kaitlyn joined the lab to gain more research experience to prepare for graduate school and learn more about EEG. She is looking forward to working with the EEG 4-Year Follow-Up Study because she currently works on the Baby EEG study, and the Follow-Up study is on children that were in the Baby EEG Study as Infants. Kaitlyn will be attending graduate school in fall of 2020, and hopes to join academia and run her own research lab. In her free time, Kaitlyn enjoys spending time with her dog and her boyfriend, and crocheting scarves!


Haven Warwick


Haven is a post-graduate student who joined the lab in Summer of 2019. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in English. Haven joined the lab to gain additional experience using EEG methodologies to examine emotion-regulation abilities in children. She is most excited about learning how to conduct ERP data analyses in the lab! In her long-term goals, Haven would like to work in an academic and/or research-focused health care setting where she could teach or conduct research. In her free time, she loves to cook, illustrate, and go on hikes!


Caitlin Fitzpatrick


Caitlin is a Senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Human Development. She joined the lab after participating in a research study for Dr. Perone and becoming excited after meeting students running the lab that had similar interests as her. Caitlin has been learning how to place EEG caps on participants, running participants through research protocol, and has been working on removing ocular artifacts from EEG data. After her undergraduate studies, Caitlin hopes to pursue an MS in either Counseling or Clinical Psychology, and has applied to two programs in her hometown of Anchorage, Alaska. In her free time during her last year at WSU, Caitlin enjoys spending time with friends, trying new restaurants and breweries, and taking yoga classes.