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Meredith Smith


Meredith Smith is a junior undergraduate research assistant majoring in Psychology with a minor in Human Development. Her passion for studying emotions and her positive experience with research methods influenced her decision to join the lab. The process of designing studies and analyzing data energizes her. Meredith appreciates the continuous learning required to work in the lab, reinforcing her classroom knowledge and introducing her to new concepts, such as working with EEG caps to measure brain activity. Meredith envisions a career path that involves utilizing her research background to become a clinical counselor or pursuing a Ph.D. She enjoys reading, drawing, and engaging in creative crafts and activities with her friends in her free time. Furthermore, she aspires to care for senior dogs from shelters when she has the means, viewing it as a fulfilling and compassionate way to spend her time.

Hannah Schaefer


Hannah Schaefer is a junior majoring in psychology with a minor in human development. She joined the lab to gain hands-on experience and deepen her understanding of child development. She’s particularly drawn to working with children and finding variations in their responses to stimuli. Hannah appreciates the camaraderie in the lab and plans to attend graduate school to continue helping others. She enjoys powerlifting, spending time with friends, trying new coffee, and researching community involvement opportunities in her free time.

Taylor Schillinger


Taylor Schillinger, a sophomore majoring in Psychology with a minor in Human Development, joined the research lab in the Fall Semester of 2023. Her motivation for joining the lab stems from her desire to develop transferable skills and gain insights into the research process, particularly with a keen interest in temperament. Working with kids and collaborating with her peers. Looking ahead, Taylor envisions pursuing a master’s or Ph.D. to become a school psychologist or school counselor upon completing her undergraduate studies. She enjoys running and spending quality moments with friends in her leisure time.

Ava Upston


Ava Upson is in her second semester of senior year, pursuing a double major in Psychology and Human Development. Her motivation to join the lab stems from the alignment between the lab’s focus and her future aspirations. She finds particular interest in exploring latency to touch and its implications for childhood developmental outcomes. Ava’s career goal revolves around working in trauma-informed care, specifically emphasizing equine therapy. Beyond her academic pursuits, she has a passion for painting and leads an active outdoor lifestyle, often engaging in fishing, hiking, and swimming.


Andee Lane


Andee Lane is a senior double majoring in psychology and human development. Her decision to join the lab was driven by her desire to gain valuable research experience and her fascination with the lab’s focus on child development. As she approaches her career, Andee is considering pathways in school psychology or prevention science, though she remains open to exploration. In her free time, she indulges in her passion for watching crime shows and enjoys the art of embroidering.