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Lab Newsletter

Do you ever wonder where your child’s personality came from or how your walking and talking toddler grew into a child who knows their colors, shapes, and alphabet? The Infant Temperament and Lab for the Developing Mind periodically create newsletters to share findings from our most recent studies.

Summer 2021 Newsletter

Summer 2022 Newsletter

Emotion Motions

Emotion Motions is an interactive, play-based activity using printable dice designed to help children recognize their feelings and find movements to express those feelings in a health way. This project was developed by Prevention Science graduate students as part of a civic science assignment in a child development course.

Emotion Motions

Developing Minds

The Developing Minds project is intended to bring recent research findings in the area of child development to childcare providers and families in an accessible fashion. It is a collaborative project with the WSU Infant Temperament Lab, a NSF Broader Impact activity, and service learning opportunity for students working in our labs. The project consists of “posts” or “flyers” that can be shared on social media, newsletters, or via email. Download and share them. New posts will be added regularly. Custom artwork for each post by Audrey Weaver. If you would like a PowerPoint version of Developing Minds to update for your own lab, please contact Dr. Sammy Perone.

Baby Talk, Persistence, Superheros, Get Messy, Gesture, Exploration, Wh Questions

Gateway to the Present

A collective effort has been put forth at WSU to promote mindfulness and well-being for our students, staff, and faculty. In collaboration with the Center for Transformational Learning and Leadership (CTLL), we created a 14 day mindfulness challenge. The mindfulness exercises were designed to be easily incorporated into everyday life in just minutes a day. Many of the exercises are family friendly. Give it a try!

WSU Mindfulness Challenge

Play Home, Play Healthy

In spring 2020, Dr. Perone’s HD560 child development students at Washington State University created a social media timeline called Play Home, Play Healthy. The timeline was developed as part of a civic science service learning project during the COVID-19 pandemic and includes 21 social media posts describing parent-child activities designed to promote development of seven life skills, identified by Ellen Galinsky in her 2010 book entitled, Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs, which the students read as part of their course work. Their project was featured in The Engaged Scholar and WSU Insider. The social media timeline can be downloaded and shared however you see fit.

Service Learning Project, Play Home, Play Healthy


Everyday Moments

As part of a civic science service learning project, graduate students in Dr. Perone’s spring 2018 HD560 child development course at Washington State University developed a card game of simple activities parents and children can incorporate into their everyday life. The activities are centered around four categories: on the go, bed time, meal time, and play. All activities are designed to promote child development and the parent-child bond. The cards also make four simple puzzles. The deck of cards can be downloaded and shared as you see fit.

Everyday Moments Complete Deck

Playing is Learning

The Playing is Learning initiative was developed as part of a graduate level civic science course at the University of Iowa, under the direction of Dr. John Spencer. Dr. Perone and former lab manager, Elizabeth Youatt, with help from Vroom ( created a card game, signage, and magnet/post card of factoids and games to promote cognitive, language, mathematic, social, and physical skills. The deck of cards, signage, and magnet/post card can be downloaded and shared as you see fit.

Playing is Learning Complete Deck

Playing is Learning Magnet or Post Card

Playing is Learning Signage