Skin Regeneration & Fibroblast Heterogeneity
Cultured Embryonic Day 30 Porcine Fibroblasts

Our Mission

When skin is wounded a scar is formed, which isn’t typically a problem if it is small. However, individuals with deep wounds covering larger portions of their body would be greatly affected and significantly benefit if their skin fully regenerated. The goal of our laboratory is to generate a full understanding to transform skin to fully regenerate, instead of producing a scar when wounded. In addition, some of our approaches to regenerate are starting to show potential to regulate skin aging by inhibiting the natural breakdown of cells and tissue throughout life.

We have also generated a searchable web resource,, so that researchers can simply query and investigate our large databases of scarring and regenerative tissues. (This link as well as the image below will open in a new tab.)

Screen grab of homepage.