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Kelley Lab Resources


Videos from the lab:

L’Oreal USA For Women in Science 2012 video of Joanna Kelley. YouTube
Description of Kryptolebias marmoratus genome assembly with Ion Torrent data from AGBT 2012. YouTube

General resources:

As scientists, part of our role is to speak to the scientific community and to speak to the public about our science. Preparing talks for either audience is extremely important. Whether for lab meeting or for an audience of 100+, the principles are the same. How to Give Better Talks

Biological Sciences Graduate students quick links:

Degree Deadlines

Computational resources:

For the lab’s code repository, visit the Kelley lab GitHub page.
For python some students have used Code Academy:

Korf Lab UCD: Unix & Perl Primer for Biologists

A few videos about Illumina sequencing: