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Kelley Lab News

Blair is featured in National Geographic!

Blair Perry was interviewed by National Geographic in article titled “Hibernating bears could hold a clue to treating diabetes” regarding his recent work published with Michael Saxton in iScience. Their work identified 8 key proteins that prevent bears from developing diabetes despite massive weight fluctuations and seasonal insulin resistance. Great work, Blair! There has been other exciting press on the article:


PC: Robert Hubner, Washington State University.

A honey of a study! Blair and Michael’s work featured in HealthDay News.

Blair Perry was interviewed by HealthDay News to discuss his research on bear hibernation, insulin resistance, and its impacts for humans dealing with type 2 diabetes. Blair and Michael Saxton’s full study, “Serum plays an important role in reprogramming the seasonal transcriptional profile of brown bear adipocytes” was recently published in iScience. Congrats to Blair and Michael!

Other related news on the article:


PC: Bob Hubner, Washington State University.

The Kelley Lab participates in the Great Backyard Bird Count with Neill Public Library!

The Kelley lab recently worked with Neill Public Library to host a bird feeder activity for K-12 youth. Attendees made a bird feeder to take home and hang in their backyard to participate in the 2022 Great Backyard Bird Count. The Backyard Bird Count is a fun citizen science opportunity to record bird sightings from February 18-21 (more info here). If you would like to construct your own bird feeder out of popsicle sticks, glue, and string to participate in the count, find instructions here, a list of Palouse-specific birds here, and a printable observation journal here. Happy birding!