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Use of the facilities at the stable isotope core laboratory is encouraged for graduate and undergraduate students at Washington State University. One of the priorities of establishing this facility was to provide hands-on training for graduate and undergraduate students so that instruments are not viewed as a black box. All internal WSU clients will receive discounted rates for services.

Specific courses in or related to stable isotope theory, technology, and methods available to graduate and undergraduate students are listed below.

Local Courses

Biology 540. Stable Isotope Theory and Methods 3 (2-3) Theory and practice of measuring stable isotope ratios of biologically important elements; training in the use of isotope mass spectrometers. Cooperative: Open to UI degree-seeking students.

Outside WSU

Isomass Scientific IRMS Training, Ottawa, Canada.

Informative factory training for hardware users.  Instructed by Gilles St. Jean and assisted by staff at the G.G. Hatch Isotope Lab.