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Solid Samples

EA and TC/EA: We can analyze a variety of matrices (soil, plant, vertebrate, invertebrate, organic and inorganic) for C, N, H, O, S stable isotopic composition or quantitative elemental composition through dedicated combustion and pyrolysis elemental analyzers.  Samples must be dried and ground to a consistent particle size, we also provide grinding services for an additional cost. Please see pricing for more detail.

The amount of sample required is dependent on the sample’s elemental composition, so please contact us for the appropriate mass before weighing your own samples.  Samples must be weighed in tin capsules for 13C, 15N, or 34S analysis, and silver capsules for 18O & 2H analysis.  Filled and folded capsules can be shipped in secured 96 position cell plates.

Dried and ground samples can be submitted bulk in vials for our staff to weigh into the appropriate capsule.  With this option, we analyze test samples for elemental composition and determine the appropriate amount.  See additional services or contact the lab manager for more information.