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The prices below are for all external clients. We have two reduced rate structures for WSU clients. If your funding source will come from within WSU, click here to view internal rates.

The primary analyses performed in our lab are listed below. If you request additional services or special procedures please consult with the lab manager. It is the responsibility of the researcher to arrange sample preparation that coincides with research and laboratory requirements. Please contact us before submitting samples to determine requirements and costs specific to your project.

As a courtesy to new clients and to aid in project development, we will analyze a small subset of prepped samples for no charge. Contact the laboratory manager for details.

*Cost of dual CN analysis assumes both elements can be targeted from the same sample. Samples with C:N 6:1< or > 60:1 may require C and N to be targeted from two separate analyses for optimum results.

Replicate analyses are treated as an independent sample unless there was an error on our part.

Analysis TypeData GeneratedInstrumentationAll external clients
SolidCN%EA only$5.33
SolidS%EA only$8.97
Solidδ13C, C% And δ15N, N%EA, Delta XP$8.32*
Solidδ13C, C% Or δ15N, N%EA, Delta XP$6.34
SolidHO% onlyTC/EA, Delta XP$9.67
Solidδ18O, O%TC/EA, Delta XP$12.04
Solidδ2H, H%TC/EA, Delta XP$11.87
Solidδ34S, S%EA, Delta XP$16.98
(Includes weighing and H3PO4 digestion by SICL)
δ13C, δ18OGas Bench II, Delta XP$16.59
Gas mixture, CH4 in airδ13C and δ18O, δ18O and δ17O, δ15N, or δ2HGas Bench II, Cold traps, Delta V$9.70
Gas mixtures, CO2 in air (liquid headspace)δ13C, δ18OGas Bench II, Delta XP$9.78
Gas mixture, N2O in airδ15N, δ18O or δ13CGas Bench II, Cold traps, Delta V$9.68
NO3- dissolved (denitrifier technique)δ15N, δ18OGas Bench II, Cold traps, Delta V$29.24
Compound Specificδ13C, δ15N or δ18O, δ2HGC-C, Delta VNA

Additional Laboratory Services

Weigh/Encapsulate samples$3.13
Difficult sample surcharge
(15N in wood, whole filters, very large samples)
Freeze drying$2.42
Soxhlet/lipid extraction
(use solvents of your choice for up to 48h
Sample grinding$4.01
Double wrap or reshape sample
(for poorly packed or leaky capsules)
Pipette water samples$1.25