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Schultz Research Group Conservation Biology

Join us!  We are seeking a new PhD student and Postdoctoral Fellow to join our research group to work on Western Monarch Ecology  and Conservation

Conservation Biology


Human-caused changes in the earth’s ecosystems are responsible for the decline and extinction of the world’s biological diversity. In the Conservation Biology Research Group, we study the ecology of at-risk species in response to key drivers: habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, habitat degradation, invasive species, alteration of ecosystem process, and global climate change.

Using a population-ecology lens, we use field and quantitative methods to address pivotal ecological questions. We seek to understand the relative contributions of individual, population and landscape-level processes to the population viability of endangered species as these processes interface with realistic conservation interventions. Our work largely uses at-risk butterflies in Pacific Northwest Prairies as a model system to address fundamental ecological questions while simultaneously tackling focal questions to guide on-the-ground practice.

We have upcoming opportunities

Please review this page if you are interested in working with our lab!



Dr. Cheryl Schultz


Arts and Sciences
Biological Sciences
Phone: (360) 546-9525
Fax: (360) 546-9064
Office: VSCI 230