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Paine Research Group

Join Us

Post-Doctoral Researcher:

Potential candidates may email Deena Hadi with the following information:

  • Complete curriculum vitae (CV) or biosketch
  • Summary of training, background, and skills
  • Brief description of how you can contribute to the Paine laboratory

Post-Doctoral Researchers must commit to two years with the Paine laboratory.

Graduate Student:

Washington State University Spokane offers a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Interested students should apply through the WSU graduate school. Prospective graduate students should email Christina Brelia for more details.

Undergraduate Student:

There are two ways for undergraduates to contribute to the Paine lab group. (1) Undergraduates may apply to work as paid hourly lab technicians, or (2) may earn research credits by completing student projects.

All candidates must have completed coursework in both organic chemistry and biochemistry. Undergraduates must attend and participate in lab meetings and complete lab reports, and may be asked to present posters at institutional research symposiums. Please email Deena Hadi if you are interested in an undergraduate research position.